Design In A Day

Design in a Day with Circa Studio Principal Designer Kaycie LaGrone

You’ve got great taste and know you want to take a front row seat in designing your home or office but before you pull the trigger on those new purchases you’d like to get professional advice. Our Design In A Day package might be the perfect option for you. Here’s what to expect during this consultation:

How long is the consultation?

The duration is up to 2 hours to use as you desire. We can meet at a store of your choice, at your construction site or at a local coffee house to pour over your plans and ideas. Zoom meetings are also an option and we can share screens to collaborate.

What are some realistic expectations for this meeting?

This all depends on the client. Our designers are trained in all things interior and know how to hit the ground running. The more you prepare beforehand for the meeting the more likely you’ll be able to get through your checklist. Bringing things like floor plans, pictures of spaces you like, and anything else you feel would be relevant would be helpful for the meeting. Most of the time our clients are pleasantly pleased with the amount that can be accomplished during the consultation. However, if you are looking for technical drawings or rendered image boards this would be outside of the scope for this type of consultation.

Will the designer help me order suggested items?

If there are specific items that your designer suggested from a line that we carry, we are more than happy to place an order for you.

What is the fee for the consultation?

Our fee for this consultation is $1400. The fee is paid prior to the meeting through an online payment portal; a link will be sent during the scheduling process. This consultation is with our Principal Designer, Kaycie but in the future we may offer discounted consultations with our Junior Designers. While this rate per hour is higher than the rate for our other package fees, we feel that it is a great value and can give you peace of mind while also helping to avoid costly mistakes.


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