After graduating in 2004 from LSU’s award-winning Interior Design program, Kaycie has worked with clients and other designers across numerous states. She is currently working towards an MFA in Interior Architecture and Design and will be joining the faculty of Liberty University’s Interior Design program this fall. In 2014 Kaycie decided to launch Circa Studio, which she lovingly refers to as her fourth child.

Kaycie strives to make each interior space a reflection of the client. “The true art of design is helping to guide a client along a seemingly endless list of choices, always keeping in mind the client’s personality and style, to create a cohesive, well-balanced interior that reflects the client and not the designer. And, to have fun in the process!” She also has recently fallen in love with the idea of sustainable design and is working on incorporating green, environmentally friendly materials and practices into her projects.



Kaitlyn is a recent graduate of Liberty University’s Interior Design program and is full of creative ideas for crafting beautiful spaces. Native to Lynchburg, she and her husband, Tim, are currently remodeling their own fixer-upper while raising their beautiful baby boy, Theo.



Amelia is a senior at Liberty University double majoring in Project Management and Finance. She is a middle child from Pennsylvania who loves writing, fitness, gift-giving and extra hot vanilla lattes! Her special talent is coordinating things behind the scenes to make for seem-less project installations.